[CAR-PGa] D&D represents threat to prison security

Checking the CAR-PGa archives, I find it was really 2010 after all.  Omar Diniz sent a notice of the decision way back then, but the decision itself was not available then, nor is the standard citation (Singer v. Ohio, etc.) even now.  It shows something about selective memory that we tend to forget the unpleasant - it is probably the only way we can cope, else the outrage would consume us.  Still, it says something that the story could be picked up in Brazil, posted in the CAR-PGa Newsletter, and missed in the US until a year later.  If anyone can find the standard citation title, please let us know, as that remains a missing item in our files on the case.

I did find one bit of irony in Mike comparing the severity of the Egyptian crisis with the triviality of games banned in state (apparently not federal) prisons.  I recall that it is an Arab maxim about letting the camel get its nose in the tent and soon having a problem getting the whole camel out.  Eternal vigilance and all that.

And I still want to know why playing cards don't involve gambling only in prison, and what are the rules for shooting craps with D20s.

I wish I could send this to Mike as well, but he has requested no emails, and reenforced it by not having any posted anywhere more recently than 2008 (Flying Buffalo).

Paul Cardwell

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