[CAR-PGa] Home School Kids and RPG's

This post is a little tongue in cheek but essentially how it
happened. I gave some of my friends kids Labyrinth Lord and Mutant
Future for Christmas, now being as I know these people have a lot of
common sense I wasn't to worried about the consequences well one of
the boys showed his buddy the "ultra cool game with Orcs and Trolls
and I was approached by the Mom my first thought was is my will and
such in order ( the young mom in question is a Martial arts type and
formerly worked for Uncle Sam.) She came up to me and said " Where do
I get these games? look at all this math and reading. "My son never
liked reading until he saw this, now he want to read Lord of the Rings
and stuff like that and did I mention the math, Look at all this
At this point I started breathing normally again when she asked can
you run some games for the kids?, oh pretty please." So today we
played a little Labyrinth Lord, the kids and two dads joined in seems
one had never played a RPG before all had a really great time. Good
thing I have all those old TSR modules.

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