[CAR-PGa] Re: Stephanie Crowe

I've just spent a bit over two hours reading the appellate court
decision in the Crowe case and quite a bit of time on news reports
before that, and it seems clear to me that the fact that the kids
played D&D not only had nothing to do with the crime (obviously, given
that they were innocent!), but honestly doesn't look like it had
anything with the police's actions, either. Unless someone can point
out to me a cop stating that they went after the kids because they
were gamers or a copy relying heavily on the game during the infamous
interrogations, this looks like a case of cops gone wild enough that
they would have acted the same regardless of what the boys' hobbies
were; we can't assume that just because the victims were gamers, it
was anti-gaming prejudice, given that one of our primary truths is
that the mere presence of gaming does not prove causation.

That being said, the decision doesn't care about motive because it's
not trying to prove anything, so there may be things it left out. (It
did hold that there was a conspiracy to wrongfully convict, but it
didn't say /why/. News reports have their own theories not involving
gaming.) I'd like to hear from people who have files on this case if
they have any evidence to suggest that this one shouldn't be taken off
of our own "trophy list" of people hurt because they were gamers.

In service,
M. Alan Thomas II

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