[CAR-PGa] Re: Stephanie Crowe


The only articles I have on the Crowe case point to the prosecutors in
the original trial as the ones with anti-game prejudice. At least, the
way the articles are worded seems to suggest that the RPG motive was
coming from them, and not the police:

"Prosecutors have also claimed that the killing was spurred by the
boys' obsession with role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons. …
Prosecutor Summer Stephan suggested that the words "kill kill," found
on a windowsill in Stephanie's bedroom, were evidence that the boys
were proudly proclaiming their victory in a game of death. "

"Prosecutors portrayed the slaying as an open-and-shut case against
three boys warped by an unhealthy passion for dark role-playing games
like Dungeons and Dragons."

As far as taking it off of our "trophy list," I think it should stay,
just not as an example of shoddy police work. The way I see it, the
prosecutors called this case open and shut based on the hobby of the
defendants, and children were hurt as a result. On top of that, it
serves as an example of how the "D&D defense" can still be taken
seriously in our legal system, and not something as ridiculous as the
"Chewbacca defense."

- Bill

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