[CAR-PGa] Re: Stephanie Crowe

Moderator's note:

Some readers may have noticed a discrepancy between posts made to the
group and the web archive in this thread. A private e-mail
conversation appears to have accidentally involved a reply to the
group rather than to my personal e-mail with some of my personal
information quoted at the bottom. The e-mail has been removed from the
group archives for privacy reasons; I don't mind telling y'all about
myself if you really want to know, but I'd rather not have my home
address where anyone can find it. I'm putting this placeholder e-mail
here for reasons of transparency in our moderation process and to
assure anyone who did notice the personal information release that (1)
it was an accident, (2) it will be investigated, (3) we take privacy
very seriously, and (4) we are willing to take measures to fix
accidents should they occur.

In service,
M. Alan Thomas II
"Somewhere in the Chicago area"

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