[CAR-PGa] Rimer rides again

(Cut and pasted from The Escapist Blog - www.theescapist.com/blog)

Retired police officer and "international expert on occult crime" Don
Rimer is at it again, hosting another seminar on occult crime for over
100 people, most of them active police officers. This time, he seems
to be empowered by the popularity of the Twilight films and the HBO
series True Blood, both of which involve vampires – but he hasn't
given up on connecting role-playing games with terrible crimes.

The real problem here is that ritual crimes really do exist, and
police investigators could benefit from some real-world advice on how
to solve them. But Rimer isn't the one to give that advice - not when
he makes claims like this one:

"Fantasy role-playing like Dungeons and Dragons … and vampire gaming
are alive and well," said Rimer. "There are people who take gaming to
another level, one that results in deaths and suicides. In the world
of gaming, there is evil."

Vampire gaming, in particular, will often lure people, then send them
out on a quest that involves blood or sex, sometimes with deadly
consequences, said Rimer."

These sorts of claims come straight from the satanic panic of the
1980s, and have no place in the 21st century. Anyone claiming to be an
"international expert" on any kind of investigation should have a
clear concept of the difference between causation and correlation,
something that Rimer sorely lacks. Sadly, as long as Rimer can find a
paying audience, he will continue to spread this misinformation in
situations where he could be doing some actual help.

If you live in Virginia (especially the Newport News area), you may
wish to consider writing a letter to the editor of your local paper,
or even contacting your local police department and asking if they are
planning to host one of Rimer's seminars.

Read the full article here:
article: http://www.dailypress.com/news/crime/dp-nws-occult-crime-20110115,0,7463068.story
archive: http://www.theescapist.com/archive-ritualcrime.htm
See more on Don Rimer here:

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