[CAR-PGa] Survey of State & Federal congresses?

I was wondering, is anyone aware of any attempt to survey state and/or
federal senators and representatives on their stances and/or experience
with role playing games?
-Hawke Robinson
Recreation therapist & research scientist in training.
Retired Computer Scientist.
Role Playing Gamer since 1979.
Game Master since 1984.

The RPG Research Project

The mission: A large scale, long term, multi-variable,
triple-blind series of research studies on the therapeutic aspects of
role playing gaming.

The purpose is to determine the causal characteristics
of role playing games, rather than relying on merely correlative
data as other studies have done in the past.

"Holistic medicine treats the person rather than the disease,
its concern lies with the 'whole person' and with permitting
individuals to assume self-responsibility for their own health.
Whereas illness is the sole concern of 'traditional medicine',
holistic 'well medicine' deals with wellness and health promotion"

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