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Since the major age-group playing D&D at this time were high school students and the destruction was by panic-stricken parents hearing only one side from the mass media, gamers of this period claimed the screams were coming from the kids who owned these figures they had spent hours painting in meticulous detail.

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(Cut and pasted from The Escapist Blog -<p>

Escapist reader Gabe found this great video that might be the origin
of the myth that D&D miniatures scream when thrown into a fire. It's a
segment from a 1984 video entitled "Deception of a Generation," with
Phil Phillips (author of "Turmoil in the Toybox") and host Gary
Greenwald discussing the dangers of all sorts of entertainment aimed
at children, from Scooby Doo to Barbie to the biggest turmoil in
anyone's toybox, Dungeons & Dragons:

"Now, there are sixes involved in the pieces of the game, but they
take the pieces of the game, they would throw them in the incinerator
or the fireplace and screams would come out, because there seem to be
some kind of spiritual forces inhabiting those pieces…"

Due to the way that the video has been cropped into segments, the
above comment occurs at 6:06! (Oh, the delicious irony…):

Considering that this video was released at a time when the majority
of roleplaying miniatures were made from lead and covered in many
layers of paint, I would be willing to suggest that anyone who threw a
handful of Ral Parthas into their fireplace and then heard screaming
should probably have avoided breathing in the resulting fumes.

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