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I am confused too.  I assumed it was a recent decision also, but when I was accessioning the decision to the archives, I noticed the 2010 date.  The proximity to January 25 of this year increased the confusion.  By now, it should have a standard citation (Singer v. Raemisch et al, US 7th etc.) and all it has is the 07-3400 case number rather than a decision number.

On the other hand, in CAR-PGa, we never consider anything "old news" if it makes our information more complete.  Thus it is great to get the decision, whatever its age and despite it being a set-back for rational discussion.

Paul Cardwell

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I'm confused.  I've checked every source in all the articles listed
and elsewhere, and near as I can tell the decision was made back in
January **2010**.  So the January 25 date is accurate, but there's
nothing new added here since 2010.  The court ruled back on January
25, 2010, on its decision.  The Above the Law article quoted is
January 26, 2010. The only article that quotes this as new is Geeks
are Sexy, which quotes it as being "just published."  But even the PDF
link indicates the ruling was January 25, 2010.

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