Need Teradata DBA // San Jose, CA // 12 Months+

Hi Associate,

Hope you are doing good.

I have urgent  requirement kindly let me know if you have any resource available.


Need Teradata DBA

Location: San Jose, CA

Duration: 12 Months+



•         Capacity Planning

•         ResUsages

•         DBQL Analysis

•         TASM setting and tuning

•         Understanding of AWT

•         Performance tuning for SQL and system

•         Knowledge about PPI/MLPPI

•         Node Utilities

•         Checktable

•         Scandisk

•         Good shell scripting

•         TTU installation

•         Database software and hardwares upgrade experience.    

•         Good problem solving technique  



Jacob Wilson

SRS Consulting Inc.

Ph: 510.256.0377 Extn 103


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